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Why so basic?

This website was created for the Portfolio 3 assignment for the University of Adelaide (UoA) course ‘The Enquiring Mind‘ (Whitman 2020). The required word count for this assignment is just 1,000 words (+/- 10%). Unfortunately, working with a word limit of 900 – 1,100 words does not allow for a great deal of detail. In an attempt to bypass this limitation, the assignment consists of three main pages (below). Other pages, such as the About page and the FAQs are being considered ‘Appendices’, thus removing them from the word count. Additionally, direct quotes have been excluded from the wordcount.

The assignment criteria for Portfolio 3 does not specify a referencing style. Previous assignments for this course have required either Harvard or APA. I have chosen Harvard for this assignment as it is the referencing style I am most familiar with.

Referencing Resources Used:

  • UoA Writing Centre Harvard Referencing Guide (University of Adelaide Library and Writing Centre 2018)
  • Cite Them Right Tenth Edition (Pears & Shields 2016)

Marking criteria:


Written expression and structure


Research and referencing


Strength of argument

(University of Adelaide MyUni 2020)

Option 1

Choose a career path , industry or workplace that intrests you. Write a piece on how it has changed over time and how it is likely to continue to evolve over the next 50 years.

Option 2

Pick a problem or challenge in Australian society that currently exists or may soon exist. Outline your proposed solution and explain why you think it will work.

Fun Fact: I originally chose Assignment Option 2 and I was all set to begin creating a video about the increasing severity of the Australian bushfire season, when I came across an article about an innovative new wound dressing dubbed ‘Rapid Repair’ (Nelson 2020), the potential uses of which I found fascinating. Thus, despite it being the very last minute, I decided to switch to Option 1, with the specific topic of surgery, opting to present my assignment as a website instead of a video. Due to the low wordcount I have concentrated on the development of surgery in Western countries.

“Dura est manus cirurgi, sed sanans.”(The hand of the surgeon is hard, but healing.)

Walter Map (Map n.d.)